Closed Application Period Post-doctorate contracts
APPLICATION PERIOD IS CLOSED: The application period finished May 3rd, 2019.

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The University of the Balearic Islands is launching a call for two post-doctorate positions (2 year contract) in research groups at the University.


1. PhD Degree. They must have obtained a PhD degree at least at the time of the deadline for submission of applications.

2. Postdoctoral period. No more than 10 years must have elapsed counted from the date the first PhD was obtained at the deadline for submitting applications. The date the first PhD was obtained is deemed to be the date the doctoral thesis was defended and approved. When counting the term of the ten years mentioned in the previous paragraph, some periods are excluded (more information in the call text).

3. Mobility. They must have obtained a PhD Degree in a university other than UIB. If the PhD Degree was obtained at the UIB, the applicant must have done postdoctoral stays at R&D centres other than the UIB for at least 12 months, provided that the periods are longer than 3 months each. These stays must be accredited at the time the application is submitted.


The applications must be submitted by researchers (hereinafter principal investigators) who perform their teaching and/or research work in any of the departments, university institutes or centres of the UIB. The principal investigators must own a tenured position or must have a contract granted by either the Ramón y Cajal or the Marie Sklodowska Curie programmes, and must be responsible for the research line in which the candidate will participate. In all cases the following aspects must be observed:

a) A researcher may be included as a candidate in only one application. If such researcher is included in two or more applications, all the applications submitted by this research candidate will be rejected.

b) A principal investigator may only be included in such position in one application. If such principal investigator is included in more than one application, all the applications submitted by this principal investigator will be rejected.

c) The deadline for submitting applications to the General Registry of the UIB, to the registration units operating at UIB centres or in the manner stipulated in article 16.4 of the Common Administrative Procedure and Public Administrations 39/2015 of 1st October, is 3rd May 2019, inclusive.

Along with the application form (in section 5), the following documents must be attached in electronic format

a) The candidate’s Curriculum Vitae [according to the approved standard form published on the website of the Research Support Office, section Information for common use (“Impresos i informació d’ús comú”)], or similar.

b) A report on the research project to be conducted by the applicant in the research team (Annex A).

The following documents must also be included within the application:

a) In the case of Spanish citizens or foreign citizens resident in Spanish territory, a copy of the valid document accrediting the candidate’s identity
b) In the case of foreign citizens non-resident in Spanish territory, a copy of the candidate’s valid passport.

c) The academic certificate of the PhD degree of the researcher candidate, expressly and clearly specifying the date such degree was obtained.
d) In the case of candidates who obtained their doctorate degree from the University of the Balearic Islands, documents accrediting they have completed stays in R&D centres other than the UIB for at least 12 months after obtaining their PhD degree and before the deadline for submitting applications, provided that the periods are longer than 3 months each.

e) The applicants that have taken leave due to the situations described in section II.2 above, must accredit the illness or maternity/paternity leave. The applicants that can accredit a disability level equivalent to or higher than 65%, according to section II.3 above, must state this fact in the application form and accredit it by presenting the relevant documents.

The application form has to be signed by the Head of department/institute/laboratory, the leader of the research group which will incorporate the postdoctoral applicant, the Professor responsible of the application and the candidate.

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Applications are to be submitted electronically using the form uploaded for that purpose. Access it by clicking here Link to Form.
The instructions are as follows:
- Use the form which opens in a separate window when you click here Link to Form.
- Click on the "Enviar sol·licitud" button at the bottom of the form. If it is sent correctly, click on the "Imprimeix sol·licitud" link at the end of the "Sol·licitud enviada" message.
- Finally, submission of the printed copy must be recorded in the UIB official record book, signed, with the stated documents attached that could not be attached electronically.
If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Xavier Salvā from the Research Support Office on 971 17 3068 or by e-mail at xavier.salva@uib.es.

If you have any technical problems during the sending of the application, please contact Miquel Titos from the Research Support Office on 971 17 2523 or by e-mail at miquel.titos@uib.es.
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