Opened Application Period 12. Program of research projects with invited researchers of recognized prestige
APPLICATION PERIOD: March 2022. From March 1st, 2022 until March 31th, 2021.

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The purpose of this open call is to promote the realization of research projects in the UIB in collaboration with prestigious PhD researchers who develop their professional work in foreign universities or research centers. The actions that can be financed within the framework of these projects are exclusively for short-term stays of prestigious PhD researchers at the UIB for periods between 3 weeks and 3 months. UIB researchers, who will be the responsible researchers, must submit project applications.
Applications may be submitted by lecturers and researchers who carry out their teaching and/or research work in any of the departments, university institutes or centres of this university.
The candidates must be doctors of renowned prestige who work at foreign universities or research centres.
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There are two periods in which applications may be submitted: March for visits in the second semester; and September for visits in the first semester of the following year.

Documents to be submitted:
- Application form.
- CV of the visiting lecturer in standardised or similar format.
- A report on the work intended to be carried out during the visit and joint journals.

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The visiting lecturers must also present, as soon as they arrive, written permission from their home institution for their visit to the UIB.

Applications are to be submitted electronically using the form uploaded for that purpose. Access it by clicking here Link to Form.
The instructions are as follows:
- Use the form which opens in a separate window when you click here Link to Form.
- Click on the "Enviar sol·licitud" button at the bottom of the form. If it is sent correctly, click on the "Imprimeix sol·licitud" link at the end of the "Sol·licitud enviada" message.
- Finally, submission of the printed copy must be recorded in the UIB official record book, signed, with the stated documents attached that could not be attached electronically.
If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Xavier Salvā from the Research Support Office on 971 17 3068 or by e-mail at xavier.salva@uib.es.

If you have any technical problems during the sending of the application, please contact the Research Support Office on 971 17 2465 or by e-mail at osr@uib.es.
The Research Support Office's Assessment Committee, as soon as the applications are assesed, will submit the prioritized list to the Management Council which, at the same time, will pass it to the Government Council for its approval.